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Dog Licenses


Royal City City Council discussed the issue of animal control during the recent City Council meeting held on January 19, 2021.

The issues discussed included licensing dogs and dogs running loose, (“running at Large”) throughout the City. Staff was directed to increase emphasis for the licensing requirements in accordance with the Royal City Municipal Code and to step up impoundment efforts of dogs found running at large.

The primary purpose for the dog licensing program is for public health. Owners must provide proof of rabies vaccination to license their dogs. This gives first responders a quick and reliable source to verify a dog is current on rabies vaccination in the event of a bite incident.

Royal City Municipal Code for Animal control reads:

6.04.010    License Required. It is unlawful for any person or persons to own or harbor any dog over the age of six (6) months within the corporate limits of the City, unless such person or persons first procures a license therefore as provided in this chapter.

In the coming weeks City Staff will be performing site surveys throughout the community to compile a list of known homes where dogs are located and audit our file to identify who has not complied with the dog licensing requirements.

We thank those of our community that faithfully renew the licenses annually and exercise due care and responsible ownership of their beloved fury family members.

You can view/read more on the Royal City Municipal Code for Animal Control by following the link below.