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Just about any season of the year is the right time to visit the Royal Slope area of Grant County, Washington! We have 139 lakes to choose from and numerous beaches that offer a full range of water activities for those who seek adventure and recreation. We also have great resorts to add to your ongoing pleasures.

Grant County is currently promoting one of its biggest assets...Wines! We have several wineries to visit, including some award winning vineyards. Unlike most regions, Grant County wineries botttle their own grapes.

The Columbia National Wildlife Refuge, which attracts large numbers of ducks and geese, averages over 100,000 species during the winter seasons, including more than 200 other species of birds, such as songbirds, curlews, hawks, owls, great blue heron, sandhill cranes and tundra swans.

Visitors with an interest in agriculture will enjoy the wide variety of crops grown in our area. Grant County farmers produce winter and spring wheat, potatoes and hay, along with corn, asparagus, onions, grapes, spearmint and peppermint, and the list goes on. Take time to visit some of the local fruit venues for fresh produce!

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