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P.O. Box 1239
Royal City, WA 99357

Current information in and around Royal City

Greg Pike - Finance Director and Public Records Officer

Sherrie Rodriguez - Utility Clerk

John Lasen - Public Works Director

Mauricio Romero - Public Works

Keith Hebdon - Public Works


Whether you are a city resident, city property or business owner or one of the many interested visitors from around the globe, this site is designed to provide the information you need about our City.

In the coming months you will see continuing enhancements to this website to further our quest to ensure the best service for our customers.

As you explore our site, you'll find information about City services & projects, free event listings, recreational resources, business opportunities, home and neighborhood improvement programs and City "problem solvers" to contact with your questions.


The Public Works Department takes great pride in its service delivery. The Royal City Public Works Department is committed to providing excellence in the delivery of quality streets, storm, water, sewer, park and recreation services to its citizens. This service delivery will be accomplished in a cost effective and professional manner using the most progressive technological and personnel resources that can be obtained within the constraints that are made available to the department through its citizens.

It is the goal of each Public Works employee to reach out and understand the service level expectations of its citizens and to provide those services that enhance the quality of life for the community in which we live.

Small Works Roster & Consultant Services:Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC)Rosters is the new online shared Small Public Works Contractor Roster and Consultant Services Roster for local governments in Washington State, including the City of Royal City, to search for eligible Contractor and Consultant service providers by service category. The City of Royal City will no longer maintain Small Works and Consultant rosters separate from those provided by MRSC. MRSC Rosters is a convenient and cost-effective way for marketing services to Agencies statewide through only one registration process:

MRSC - Contractor Registration - Small Works

MRSC - Consultant Registration

Operated by the not-for-profit MRSC Rosters is a fee-based service for all participants charged annually; however Contractors and Consultants do have a free option to register for individual Agency rosters.


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